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July/August 2004


How to Deal with Runaway Livestock By Ray Ford
Understand the way farm animals think when on the loose and you’ll have a much better chance of seeing them safely back to the barn.

12 Tips to Keep the Harvest Fresh By Stacey Conway
You worked hard to grow the best fruits and vegetables. Don’t let the heat of the day suck away their goodness.

Red Fife Resurgence By J Sushil Saini
Twice on the verge of extinction? this sturdy heritage wheat is making a comeback in the fields and gardens of small farmers.

Arthur Black remembers the biggest little farm in Ontario.

Happy As A Pig In … By Kathy Birt
PEI small farmer Ranald MacFarlane turned a lot of heads when he free-ranged pigs in -25C weather. Now he’s turning a tidy profit.


News & Notes – A market for mid-size growers; Aussie drought advice; a flower-powered egg; Reading Room
Farm Ledger – When is a trip to town a legitimate write-off?
Earth – Putting lazy legumes to work
Farm Profile – A family sets out to build a farm dynasty in Nova Scotia
The Water Column – A defecation disagreement gets dirty
Poem – Brian Bett’s When I Lie With the Dying Lamb
Practical – Thank-you ma’ams? fence ladders? wheelbarrow knuckle guards
Far Afield – Sober thoughts from Bordeaux
Bilston Creek Farm – The Strand family gets greedy
Farmstead Supplies – New products for small farmers
The Slamming Post – Don Genova expresses a distaste for filthy farm marketers