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Fall 2004


Livestock’s Best Friend By Fran Wallis
Choose the right breed of livestock guardian dog? train the dog well and you’ll have a valuable farm companion. But beware: not all breeds are right for every farm.

Praise the Gourd! By Jeffrey Carter
Most people? when they look at a gourd? see an empty shell. When Peter Bell looks at a gourd he sees a vessel brimming with possibility.

Fighting for Farmland By Beth Kent
An alliance of farmers? city planners and politicians may be the only way to preserve fast-vanishing farmland.

Woodlot Magicians By Jim Romahn
A new generation of small farmers and woodlot owners are conjuring income from their forests by harvesting for value instead of quantity.

The Man from Boissevain By Lorraine Stevenson
David Neufeld is redefining successful small farming in Manitoba.

Head-On: Daisy Versus the Lawyers By Ray Ford
The bad news: with accident settlements running in the hundreds of thousands? all it takes is one loose steer on the highway to lose your farm. The good news: easy solutions are at hand.


News & Notes – Fabric dryer cloth versus deer? beekeepers toast mead-spinoff? the ethics of killing chickens with wood chippers; Reading Room
Equipment – Understanding horsepower and torque
Satire – An electrifying new sheep
Practical – Cattle feeding rack? vegetable storage mounds? rat trapping techniques
Farmstead Supplies – New products for small farmers
Commentary – When it comes to fossil fuel comsumption? says small farmer Derek Masselink? organic farmers aren’t measuring up